Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Twisted Dreams

Twisted Dreams
Twisted Dreams by Marissa Farrar

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a really quick, fun, interesting read that left me eager for more. There's vampires, witches, carnies, and love at first sight. If you're looking for a good coming of age story (of a half-vampire), check this book out.

Beth is ready begin her college journey, but the world seems to conspire against her. On the drive out to her dorm (alone), she almost gets killed by a downed power line. Luckily, she's a half-vampire, more than capable of outrunning and powering through anything that gets in her way. Unfortunately, this attract the attention of the guys setting up a local carnival. The rest of her journey to college is also filled with mysterious hotties, helpful strangers, and annoying roommates -- all the types of things you would expect for a first year student. There's (of course) lots of additional paranormal elements. Why is her roommate disappearing at night? Why is the hottest student paying so much attention to her? Why doesn't she get the typical flashes of premonition when she touches the students here?

This being the first book of a new series, we are still left with a bunch of questions, but I really liked the overall story. There's a sort-of love triangle, but it wasn't as painful as I usually find them to be. Beth has an innocent quality to her that allowed me to let some rushed romantic encounters and silly arguments slide. I'm hoping she learns and grows from what turns into a life-or-death first week at school. When I finished the book, I realized there was a whole other series based on Beth's parents that I'll definitely be checking out. I'm sure that adds another dimension to this follow-up series. As a stand-alone, or part of a larger series, this was still a really solid read.

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