Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Azagoth

Azagoth by Larissa Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a wonderful short read that reminded me of why I love Larissa Ione. There was passion, paranormal, and lots of familiar faces. As someone who has read both the Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series, this book was a treat to read.

Lilliana is an angel who was mentioned briefly as the one who helped Reaver get all his Christmas gifts for his kids. Clearly she is a good person with a little rebellious streak. Azagoth is the grim reaper who is tired of playing stud to the angels. As the father of the new race of angels, he's done with these love-less unions and demands a mate. Raphael, being a jerk, forces Lilliana to choose between having her powers stripped or mating with Azagoth, with the added bonus of being freed if she steals from him. An impossible position, but Lilli is determined to follow her instincts.

Of course, they begin to fall for one another. Azagoth displays his vulnerable side and Lilli shows him her naughty side. The results are amazing and the chemistry if off-the-charts hot. This couple is perfect for each other, and their relationship has even benefited a bunch of familiar characters. While not mandatory reading, this story fills a gap between books nicely.

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