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Review: No Humans Involved

No Humans Involved
No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has been a long time coming. After a few books spent watching Jaime bumble through her relationship with Jeremy, this book finally forces a big decision on the two of them. It was really satisfying to finally not have the “will they or won’t they” looming anymore.

So if you’ve read my previous reviews, you might recall that Jaime was not my favorite. I found her annoying and didn’t quite get the appeal. Well, somehow, through all these books, Jaime has managed to creep into my list of favorites. Maybe it was her school girl crush on Jeremy. Maybe it was the fact that she always gets kidnapped. I have no idea how it happened. Suddenly I’m wishing for a book from her POV when it should have been the last thing I wanted. No matter the driver, this book delivers in a big way. It accomplishes some big things in my book: 1) Jeremy and Jaime alone time (enough said) 2) There is finally a reason that I read the Eve book 3) Did I mention Jeremy and Jaime alone time? That comes complete with Jeremy insight and revelations. I guess number 4 should be the overall premise of the book, but who knows if that’s going anywhere further than this book. The series has a habit of doing some big build up and then not touching that story for a while.

Jaime is invited to be on a TV show where she and a bunch of other “spiritualists” will try to contact the ghost of some famous movie stars. Obviously, things go wrong from the start, forcing her time with Jeremy to be dangerous (and fun) and filled with bad guys (or good guys, or both). Luckily, danger and excitement force the two of them together in new ways that bring up the attraction Jaime has been trying to hide for many years. I was happy to see Jaime evolve from the awkward love struck woman into a self-confident “I’m not going to be kidnapped again” woman I kind of always wanted her to be. Her conversations with Jeremy are some of my favorites and are filled with such yummy little tidbits.

If you’ve been tricked into liking Jaime (like I have), this is the book you’ve been waiting for. It truly delivers exactly what I wanted from a Jaime (and Jeremy) book. In looking ahead, I’m sad that we don’t get a follow-up book right afterwards, but I’ll be happy with my very satisfying ending from this one.

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