Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Scaling Her Dragon

Scaling Her Dragon Scaling Her Dragon by Milly Taiden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While this book is part of the larger paranormal dating agency series, it definitely wasn’t difficult to read as a standalone story. Personally, I’ve only read the first book of the series and didn’t really feel like I was either spoiling the entire series or left behind based on previous installments. Dive in at will!

Rebecca has always been obsessed with dragons. Even after she goes on an adventure to another world, she doesn’t quite believe that they could actually be real. That doesn’t stop her from continuing to love them, though. Vikter just so happens to be Rebecca’s very real dragon neighbor. Unfortunately, since he has been unable to find his mate, he is suffering from a slow and painful death by dragon separation. His moods are unstable and he’s pretty much given up on life. All of that changes, though, when he meets Rebecca.

These two suffer from some very common paranormal romance symptoms – lack of communication, lots of chemistry, and a meddling family. Lucky for us, though, this fated couple gives a sexy and wonderfully satisfying HEA in the end. There’s even a healthy dose of action and adventure. If you’re looking for a glimpse into another world that will have you hooked, check this book out.

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