Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review: Bearly in Control

Bearly in Control Bearly in Control by Milly Taiden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had everything from bank robbery to mind control with lots of sexy time romance in between.

Charli is a member of a special task force, mostly because of her ability to speak to animals. In the truly expected way, she’s a veterinarian by trade. Her life take a bit of a detour when she drives a wounded bear to her office only to discover that he’s a naked man when she went to unload him. Oh, and he’s also very convinced that she’s his mate (or his bear is). She’s really got an uphill battle, though, because not only does he now know that he’s a shifter, but he also doesn’t know much of anything before waking up with her.

Barry (as Charli figures out from his mind) is only sure about one thing, and that is his undeniable draw towards Charli. The quirky but self-confident woman who can calm his inner bear is a gift in a world where he feels out of control. After a few more unexplained incidents, some more robberies, and some overlapping detective work, it seems that Barry has been up to no good during his blackout times. Solving the mystery (for me) happened almost immediately, but it was still nice to have an additional element to this paranormal romance.

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