Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: The Immortal Highlander

The Immortal Highlander
The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I saw who this book was about, I wasn’t too excited. I never really liked Adam in any of the previous books, and since he was pretty much the villain for a few of my favorite characters, I was worried about getting into a book that was his story. Even though KMM has really torn my heart out a few times, I should’ve trusted her to lure me into loving Adam.

This book was all about the Fever series tie-ins. From the beginning, we meet Gabby, who is a sidhe-seer. Sound familiar? If it does, then you’re reading the books in the same order that I am. She has seen fairies all her life, and been trained to not react. Through the compact, any sidhe-seer who “outs” herself can be kidnapped or killed by Hunters (big baddies). She’s doing fine until Adam comes along (which is how most of the other books go too, right?). Adam was cursed after saving Dageus in the previous book. Good for Dageus, bad for Adam. The big bad trickster now cannot be seen by anyone, has limited powers of sifting only, and cannot find any way to communicate with others of his kind. Until Gabby.

Gabby and Adam meet when she inadvertently breaks all her sidhe-seer rules. This throws her into a world of fairies and politics and revenge. Turns out, Darroc (yeah, I recognized that name too…) has it out for Adam and is willing to free Hunters from their Unseelie prison to get the job done. Gabby is now tasked with becoming Adam’s go-between for the MacKeltars, who are now his only hope. This was not really what I loved about the book, although it was pretty neat to see some familiar faces. The part that really endeared Adam to me was his adorable attempts to win Gabby over. Slowly, he chipped away at her resolve (and mine, because really, I didn’t like Adam). His “conversion” to being more human was gradual enough to ultimately win me (and Gabby) over. One point that kept coming up and counting against him was this new fact – he really screwed Circenn over! I was really floored by this revelation, even if it was necessary for KMM to generate a sort of redemption for Adam being such a jerk.

All in all, this was another good installment. Lots of smutty goodness and story progression. It really helped that I saw so many Fever reminders which put me in that state of mind. I think it’s both good and bad that I have already read the Fever series, but will queue it up to be re-read again after we finish the Highlander series. It will help to look at the Fever series with new eyes.

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