Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taking Back Forever (The Kindrily, #2)

Taking Back Forever (The Kindrily, #2)Taking Back Forever by Karen Amanda Hooper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I'll be honest -- I delayed reading this book. It sat on my virtual shelf for probably too long. I had sort of a bad taste in my mouth after book one. That's not to say that book one was bad -- it wasn't. The world that these book take place in is great, the story is great, it was just.... kind of a bummer. I was a little depressed by reading the first book. It was a long journey to get the characters to where they ended up at the end of book one.

This book was nothing like that. Yes, we still follow Nathan and Maryah on their journey to remember and start anew. This book's hard journey happens in the POV of Harmony, who I like a lot more in this book than the last. Another difference is that while we still get a lot of sizzling YA scenes, they definitely veer towards the adult in this book. I like that, so I'm not complaining. If anything, I want MORE.

At the end of the book the author gives the reader the chance to sort of choose the ending. There is a note after a very happy ending that allows to you continue on for a cliffhanger ending. I'm not one for cliffhangers, so I passed. Other reviewers might not have. The author said she will repeat the cliffhanger ending at the beginning of the next book, so I'm not missing out on anything.

I read this book in a day. Almost one sitting, because I couldn't stop reading. That says something for a second book in the series, especially one that I was putting off reading. This was a great installment and I look forward to many more.

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