Thursday, July 4, 2013

American Vampire (Vampire For Hire #3)

American Vampire (Vampire for Hire, #3)American Vampire by J.R. Rain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I blew through this book really quickly. I have to say, these short chapters filled with witty banter have really helped me fly through this series. There were a lot of times when I found myself laughing out loud at the one liners thrown about. I'm really glad we met some more characters (that have their own set of books??) so there is even more chance for wit and sarcasm. Luckily everyone Sam meets talks and acts like her...

This book was an immediately continuation from the last one (which left us on a cliffhanger with Fang). I'll admit it, I was totally shocked by who Fang was. It wasn't a bad shock -- it was really a pretty good shock. I really hope that Sam ends up with Fang in the end of this series (or however far in it takes her to end up making some sort of relationship decision). There is a love... triangle? trapezoid? Lots of guys love her. There was a lot of drama that still kept her from really focusing on her increasingly complicated love life, though.

The story line involving her son was really hard to read at times. I can completely follow her reasoning and can sympathize with her tears. I wish we got resolution in this book, but, of course, we get a cliffhanger! Luckily (again) I have the next book lined up to start, but I feel bad for anyone who doesn't. Cliffhangers are not my favorite.

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