Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Roxy Jane and the Bridge to Providence

Roxy Jane and the Bridge to Providence Roxy Jane and the Bridge to Providence by Eliza Duffy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This short read follows Roxy Jane from birth until college as she begins to learn more about her innate powers. Abandoned at an orphanage when she was just born, Roxy has no real link to her birth family. While she has some interesting birth marks, hair color, and eye color, she seemed just like a normal baby when her adoptive parents fell in love with her. Sure, weird things start happening as she grows up, but they are willing to look the other way (even when she has lengthy conversations with wild animals).

As she goes to school, the differences between her and other children manifests itself even more. A particularly rough time in school (and Roxy's resultant display of powers) results in her family relocating to hide Roxy from those who know about her. During all of this, however, Roxy seems to have popped on up on the radar of some supernatural big bad that follows her all the way to college. During college is really when Roxy starts establishing herself and making some strong bonds to normal people. While she hides her appearance from most others, her true feelings and desires start to become clear to those closest to her. This book does not have a true resolution, but it was a good start to the life of Roxy Jane.

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