Monday, December 21, 2015

Review: Cold Blood

Cold Blood Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book picks up immediately after the stellar first installment. Tara has been shipped off to a special type of boarding school for hunters. Not surprisingly, being a “dirty blood” is something nobody on campus appreciates. The feelings range from hostile to slightly less hostile. The only people who appear to accept her for who she is are her new friends Cambria and Logan. This misfit crew ends up being the only thing that keeps Tara grounded through her madness filled first semester.

So where is Wes, right? Well, due to Jack’s injury at the end of the previous book, Wes is being pushed into the position of leader a little sooner than anticipated. This includes touring around and getting officially introduced to other allies. What about phone calls? Well, the hunter school appears to be employing a cell phone blocker, or is just so far out that they don’t get good service on whatever provider Tara has. It’s sad, because I really wanted more Wes in this story. Without Wes actively in the picture, this leaves the field wide open for Tara’s new trainer, Alex. He’s broody and mysterious and, of course, begins the dreaded love triangle. While these two fight at first meeting, that passion morphs into an almost-sort-of romance. Boo. I am firmly on team Wes, no matter his transgressions in this book.

Oh, so besides the interpersonal stuff, there’s also the lurking Miles threat that comes to a head at the end of this book. No, we don’t get everything wrapped up (what kind of a series would it be if that happened?), but we get some really interesting ways that changes are coming in Tara’s life. I am eager to dive into the next book, where Tara hopefully gets (maybe) a little bit of a less stressful school year.

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