Friday, July 6, 2018

Review: Hinder

Hinder Hinder by Kristin Ping
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a truly unique and wonderful world this book throws you into! It’s filled with magic, danger, and all the trappings of a teenage high school experience.

Ethan has lived a hard but rewarding life. He lost is mom at a young age, but has managed to keep his own life, even though he is one of the rare and often assassinated earth element benders. Without finding his “wielder,” however, he is left essentially powerless. He’s found ways to cope and has certainly gotten all the things a young teenage boy could want – prestige, a place on the football team, and a hot girlfriend. While he has to hide his supernatural side from the usual high schoolers, he is still able to shine (even sans power) around all this supernatural pals.

Alex, however, has had a bit of a stranger upbringing. She’s the one with the bigger target on her back, being the earth wielder. To protect her from those who may seek to kill her, she has been locked up in magical world for most of her childhood. Now that her mother agreed it is time to make herself known, she’s forced to wear a draining glamour that also makes her into the ugliest girl in school. Everything changes when she meets Ethan, though. Even in the disguise, there is a natural (and forbidden) draw between the two of them.

It wouldn’t be a good story if it was all that easy, right? Well there are bad guys and deception lurking in just about every corner. Just when things start to settle down, kind of, they get turned on their head. Without spoiling all the twists and turns of the story, let’s just say it gets magically crazy and you’re not sure who to trust. There’s even a big disaster or two. In the end we are left at a bit of a crossroads. Where will these two star-crossed lovers end up next? Are things completely bonkers in the world of the magically inclined? Probably!

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