Monday, July 30, 2018

Review: Spellsmoke

Spellsmoke Spellsmoke by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow – this book has convinced me to root for Lincoln Marshall! I thought it was impossible after kind of hating him in the last book, but somehow I’m left at the end of this book wanting… more of Lincoln? It’s a strange feeling, but I’m 100% on board with this series now.

We join Lincoln following his turbulent entrance into the OPA limelight. He’s doing his own thing as a bounty hunter of sorts, rooming with the guys he hated last time, and once again confronted by the innocent awesomeness that is Sophie Keyes. She is thrust upon Lincoln after running from her own issues. Tasked with keeping her safe, Lincoln brings Sophie deep into Marshall family drama. Around the same time as Sophie showed up at his door, Lincoln also finds out that his father is dying. The money earmarked for finding Elise (and getting rid of his unseen companion) is quickly repurposed into a plane ticket back home.

Not surprisingly, Lincoln’s family goes really out of their way to make Sophie feel unwelcome in their home. Oh, and a jerky memory from Lincoln’s past is actually the sheriff and continues to be a jerk. There’s a bit of a mystery around some deaths in the same place the eldest Marshall is living out his final days, lots of werewolf posturing drama, racism, species-ism, and (of course) Sophie wandering into trouble. All of this combines in a really exciting and entertaining installment that (like I said) had me really in Team Lincoln.

This book ends in a sort-of cliffhanger, leaving me desperate for more. I know where things should end up, so I’m assuming there isn’t some magic HEA for Sophie and Lincoln, but it is definitely fun watching the pieces fall into place. These two are becoming a new pair of favorites in this universe. I continue to not like Abel… at all. Here’s hoping the next few books focus more on Sophie and less on the werewolves. Isn’t it weird that I ended up here? I started this universe with the werewolves and now I am desperate for a reprieve.

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