Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Review: Wild Hunger

Wild Hunger Wild Hunger by Suzanne Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These books definitely keep me on my toes! Just when I think I have the “formula” down, they throw me a curve ball. The ending of this book kind of broke my head.

Frankie has been raised by her human uncle and grandparents since the unthinkable happened and her shifter father killed his human mate (her mother). One email from the Phoenix Pack later, however, and her entire world has tilted. Everything she has been told by her family is, apparently, a lie. The pack wanted to help her (her grandparents kept her away from them), she has living relatives with the pack (she was never told about them), and they are not the monsters she’s been led to believe.

The trigger for said email is the declining health of her father’s mother. Since she’s always been an outcast of sorts, she embraces the challenge of reconnecting with the pack (against her grandparents’ wishes). With it, comes the re-introduction to Trick. She apparently knew him growing gup but meeting him again comes with some unintended consequences. Trick immediately knows that she is his fated mate but also knows she is being thrown into the deep end all at once. Deciding to take their time, they are also navigating some pack politics, even more lies and deception, and Frankie’s repressed memories of her parents’ death.

While this couple certainly encounter some roadblocks to their happiness, they manage to get there by the end of the book. We are left with a very satisfying HEA and some resolution to the mystery throughout the book.

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