Saturday, July 7, 2018

Review: The Science of Pleasure

The Science of Pleasure The Science of Pleasure by Jacquelyn Frank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve not read book 1 in this series, but since this is essentially a standalone short story, this was a good enough intro to the world as any.

Jenesis is a doctor who unwittingly helped to create a new breed of human. They’re indestructible and have elements of different types of animals. One thing they have in common - they were all tortured by an evil doctor who is currently MIA. While maybe not officially doing this for redemption, Jenesis takes a job in a lab run mostly by these new kinds of humans - morphates - and agrees to assist in research about their kind.

Kin is a leader of one such group of morphates. He was a cop before the unthinkable happened, but he knows he has to embrace what he’s become or it will eat him alive. He is, also, undeniably drawn to Jenesis. When he hired her to run his lab, he assumed she would be driven, but he never expected that they could get a relationship out of the deal. There’s some dirty, sexy times, some action, a little redemption, and a lot of paranormal wackiness that make this a really enjoyable quick read.

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