Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Review: Twice Turned

Twice Turned Twice Turned by Heather McCorkle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story revolves around Ayra – a previously abused and battered member of a wealthy family of shifters with a historic lineage. They have in the past produced a line of reapers so they feel a bit too entitled for their own good. Ayra, now gifted with the power to know when a shifter has gone off the rails and killed people, is tasked with hunting those bad guys down and killing them. Along with that power comes some other wicked superhero abilities, like the power to channel lightning, suck other shifter energy, and be generally one tough cookie.

Ayra’s older brother is on a warpath that is forcing her hand. Sure, he’s a jerk, but he’s still family. Trying to figure out a way to track him down ends up putting her face-to-face with her magically disappearing BFF. Vidar went off to college and ended up becoming a monk of sorts. This type of monkhood, however, is secretly designed to create the perfect protector for the chosen reaper. Vidar is especially determined to be that man since he’s in love with Ayra.

These two dance around the issue and fight against all the odds to end up as a superhero crime fighting team. There’s lots of action, assassination attempts, other shifters, and even vampires along the way to a HEA. It feels like there is a lot more to these stories than I know yet and that has definitely given me a feeling of… incompleteness at the conclusion of this tale.

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