Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Review: Midnight Unbound

Midnight Unbound Midnight Unbound by Lara Adrian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really sexy and fun little novella set in the Midnight Breed world. Since we have previously met both characters, this was definitely something a fan of the series should make sure to read.

We join Scythe a little while after his reluctant assistance in getting Chiara Genova and her son to safety. Scythe is a breed male with a lot of baggage, most noticeably in the form of a missing hand. He started his life as a part of the hunter program, which was ultimately ended by the order. Since then, he has been avoiding complications in the form of friends and lovers. Having loved and lost an adopted son of sorts, he knows better than to ever get involved with a woman who has a child. Of course, the order ends up tapping him to help protect one such woman who has been haunting him.

Chiara is working on finding her footing after being so shockingly attacked and chased from her home. Her prime objective is to protect and care for her son. When a man ends up attacking her while her son was nearby, the order steps in to try to get her out of danger. There is also the added bonus of having one of their loose ends tied up, too. Having just become the independent woman she was always meant to be, she is very hesitant to give up any control to a domineering man, especially the breed male they send her way.

Scythe and Chiara, of course, end up dancing around one another for a little time before giving in to the draw of mates. Because they are both super stubborn, it ends up with them both making concessions to their relationship in order to make it work. The epilogue was one of the sweetest and most adorable endings in this series. We are guaranteed a HEA in these books, but this one was particularly satisfying.

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