Friday, July 6, 2018

Review: Death Be Blue

Death Be Blue (Terra Vane #1)Death Be Blue by Katie Epstein
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This world had a little bit of everything. There’s a taste of dystopian future in that this world exists on the other side of a portal (off-Earth). There’s magic, in that lots of paranormals exist in the open and are ranked by species and power. Lastly there’s some romance, for those romance lovers (like myself).

Terra is a weird person in an even weirder world. She’s a human with powers of premonition that are not exactly under her control. She’s the only human to make it through the rigorous training required to become a field agent, chasing down the bad guys. Her partner also happens to be her boss’s brother, which probably gives her a little latitude with her attitude (which is plentiful). Oh, and she’s got a secret (possibly unrequited) love for her boss. All of this tumbles together to make for a very sarcastic and determined main character.

The main story here revolves around a drug Terra and Kaleb (said partner) find brining about a weird transformation in the usual bad guys. There’s signs that the government is trying to cover it up, everyone seems out to get them (more than usual) and Terra is definitely torn about how she should behave about her boss (a possible side issue). There’s action, magic, and mystery all rolled into a neat new world “Portiside.” While we see some resolution, this book is clearly the lead in to many more (hopefully).

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