Friday, September 14, 2018

Review: Hell in a Head Gasket

Hell in a Head Gasket Hell in a Head Gasket by G.A. Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was filled with alternate dimension demons, motorcycles, and bounty hunting. While this is the first book of this series, it read almost like a sequel.

This story just throws you right into the deep end. I ended the book with way more understanding of the universe than when I started, but found myself getting a little frustrated by my lack of knowledge along the way. We join Sere, who has a magical affinity for snakes, kicking butt, and healing herself from large injuries. She is this world’s version of a demon (of sorts) and is tied to her “real” – another identical body that has her own life. If that wasn’t complicated enough, she’s also the daughter of “the devil.” Or something. I’m still not 100% on a lot of things in there.

The larger story (aside from grasping at details about this unique universe setup) is about a “demon” who has escaped from the same place Sere is from. It’s a little unknown how he gets out, or what his real end game is, but Sere has appointed herself as the hunter for this prey. The hunt involves a stalker-ish bartender with a motorcycle, a gigantic hell gator, disguises, gruesome murders, New Orleans, and an accountant. Along the way, like I said, you get dribs and drabs of information about how this world is set up and exactly how it came to be, but I am left wanting so much more! Sere eventually grew on me, as most gritty tough chicks do, so I kind of want to know what happens next in her story.

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