Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review: Stone Cold Lover

Stone Cold Lover
Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This second installment of the series is filled with just as much wit and humor as the first (if not more!). These most unlikely of love interests are completely convincing me on this gargoyle romance category. As a side note, while I'm pretty sure you can pick up the series at this one, I'd highly recommend picking up the previous book first.

Felicity, who we previously met in book 1 as the helpful friend who has good art connections, is the sexy, sarcastic, and wonderfully entertaining heroine of this book. Her instinct drove her to break in to visit the latest gargoyle she located. Not even understanding the larger issues at hand, she follows her gut and it gets her into a whole lot of trouble. Already "gifted" with the ability to see energy around people, she reluctantly is willing to accept that she just watched a gargoyle turn into a living creature, then into a really hot guy. This acceptance comes with a whole lot of witty, sarcastic, and hilarious interactions between the two of them.

Spar, the gargoyle star of this installment, is (if possible) even more "caveman-like" than the one we met in book 1. This, of course, leads to many many arguments and misunderstandings between Spar and Felicity. Pair that with some curses, witches, and lots of evil-doers, and you get an action-packed book of mayhem. Oh, and sexy times. Lots of hot and heavy sexy times. The sizzle level was definitely turned all the way up in this one.

Overall, the story is continually building and has me eagerly anticipating the next book release. The blend of romance and action has me hooked!

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