Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Review: Selkies are a Girl's Best Friend

Selkies are a Girl's Best Friend Selkies are a Girl's Best Friend by Molly Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love the author, and the series, so it was a pretty sure bet that I would enjoy this book. I did, of course, and it even did some unexpected things along the way. Oh, and there's pie. There's always pie.

Sonja is a beloved character of this series, and the town people of Mystic Bayou acknowledge her awesomeness pretty unanimously. Will, however, is unaware of Sonja's near-god-like abilities and high unofficial (and official) rank in town. Having been away for years, he returns to take the open doctor position and, kind of shockingly, pokes at Sonja. Poke is probably not the right word (but we get to the fun poking later). They almost tested one another from the start. They are both clearly from out of town, though Will originated in town, and they are both determined to prove themselves in one way or another. Being forced to work together manages to smooth out all the rough edges, though.

Will is a Selkie and has a bunch of baggage. I guess most of it goes along with the whole Selkie pelt nonsense, but there is also the usual family drama. One super awesome bonus of this story was the introduction of John, who I hope we see again. Will's brother was simply a delight! While Will and Sonja work out their relationship, there's still the larger story of the rift, what's happening to it, and who the evil folks are. In typical paranormal formula, we get the romance, the smutty goodness, the misunderstandings, some evil doers, and then a nice HEA. I love these little yummy audiobooks and will happily continue to devour them as they are released.

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