Friday, September 6, 2019

Review: Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf Hour of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I did myself a disservice joining the series at book 5. There appears to be *a lot* of characters floating around with lots of stories that I felt very lost trying to keep track of. As a paranormal romance, though, it is super unique.

Iva has just recovered from some horrible torture/kidnapping from the big bad Van Helsings. Noah, who apparently discovered that Iva was his mate, has been trying to balance sitting by Iva's tree and managing the North American shifters. They are both rulers in their races, so them coming together is a great match. Iva seems like a free spirit, worried more about others than herself, but pairs off nicely with Noah. Noah, who has taken to being an adoptive father to two young kids, is the real-world to her wandering mind. Oh, and there's chemistry that lights up the page.

The larger storyline here, other than their fated mate status, is hunting down the big bad. They use all of their larger paranormal network to their limits - there's magic, dragons, unicorns, vampires, shifters, ghosts - you name it! Their combined power might be able to keep the bad at bay and give us a happy for now ending, but it's clear there's still more story to be had.

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