Saturday, September 21, 2019

Review: Blood Truth

Blood Truth Blood Truth by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I gotta say, I wasn’t really dying to hear about Boone. Sure, he is essentially what started them learning more about the shadows attacking people, but he was never really a super mystery I wanted to know more about. This book felt like a bit of a filler book, which is sad, because the rest of the series was fun and new, which is exactly what the BDB needed to get me re-hooked.

Boone, as I said, is the one who came to the brotherhood to warn them about the big party filled with treason (and shadows, surprise!). He’s got a rough home life, what with his father essentially disowning him and his mother having passed away without much ceremony. The fake lifestyle he’s forced to hold up when he’s there is a bit of a drain on him. Oh, and he’s also dealing with tendencies to take the fighting a little too… dark. He doesn’t go for the quick kill and instead draws things out like a serial killer. For something that we spend a lot of time learning, this ends up going nowhere (yayyyy, more loose ends!).

When Boone finds out his father was killed at that party, he rightfully has mixed feelings. In an effort to avoid being along with his thoughts, Butch offers to train Boone on investigative techniques. It’s through this investigation into a serial killer (not Boone) that he meets Helaine. The expected mate dance begins there and has some bumps in the road, just like all the others. This book manages to tie all the separate stories into one by the end, leaving the typical loose ends, but giving a happy ending none the less. As a close to the spinoff, this was not really that satisfying – we barely saw the other trainees – but as a story, it delivers something entertaining, if not completely wrapped up.

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