Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Fierce in Fur (Ridgeville, #4)

Fierce in Fur (Ridgeville, #4)Fierce in Fur by Celia Kyle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one might be my new favorite of the series. Brute has always been a background guard character who was big, but sweet. Elise we met in the previous book as the horribly abused fox shifter that Maddy and Ricker rescue. I was a little concerned about how these two would actually work and how much freaking out would be involved.

The romance in this book was a lot slower than the previous installments. This was done for obvious reasons, but it made for a lot more time spent with the dating phase and the adorable-ness that is Brute trying to win over his mate. Elise proved herself to be a tough chick and Brute is her ultimate protector (even though she can still rock it on her own). The overall storyline is still progressing in a positive direction, even with some turns down to a deep dark place. The Ridgeville pack is growing with each passing book. Eventually, I think, there will end up being no more mate-able options. Unless we get to see Grayson's mating book come up, in a few years.

I'm still loving these yummy little books. For fans of paranormal romance, with smutty goodness, these books are the perfect quick read.

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