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Review: Blind Wolf: The Complete 4-Book Boxed Set

Blind Wolf: The Complete 4-Book Boxed Set
Blind Wolf: The Complete 4-Book Boxed Set by Aubrey Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

These stories were action-packed, romantic, and even a little dark. There were a lot of revelations that come up quickly one after another, leading to a fast paced read.

Julia and Damian are a human and werewolf in love. They appear to be destined for each other in some way that this story calls the “Calling”. I’m not sure exactly what age Julia is supposed to be, but if she’s not very young, she comes across pretty sheltered. She certainly is brave, though, in all the fight scenes and craziness that surrounds her. The devotion she has for Damien is also clear, as she quickly overlooks any sort of negatives associated with him eventually turning into a wolf.

After all the trials and tribulations in this book set, I really thought Julia would turn into more of the tough chick heroine that I've come to desire in most of my paranormal reading. I guess Damien and Julia kind of balance each other out, with both of them a little timid about their feelings, decisions, and lives in general. The only thing Damien seems really sure of is Julia, and sometimes Julia isn't even that sure about him.

I guess the newness of their relationship should be taken into consideration because this string of books all takes place in a very limited amount of time. Julia and Damien go from meeting each other, to hooking up, to getting married/mated, and wanting to start a family pretty much right away. With mating, I usually give these couples a free pass. The romance is there and the steamy scenes are there, too, but my heart broke for Damien every time Julia would fight against him.

I'm glad there was a lot of closure in the series by the end of these books, but was really sad to say goodbye to one of my favorites. I really wish there was a HEA for everyone. I was completely convinced that there would be very little HEA, but the author really spun things around at the end. All in all, it was a really unique set of books in the paranormal romance genre.

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