Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: The Adventures of Jillian Spectre

The Adventures of Jillian Spectre
The Adventures of Jillian Spectre by Nic Tatano

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

READ THIS BOOK! No, seriously, this book was such an amazingly fun read that I feel obligated to tell everyone to take a break from the boring and annoying life filled with adult responsibilities and check out a fabulously joyous read. The humor of this quick paced book had me desperately clinging to it even though I should have been working or sleeping or doing something else that was not reading.

Jillian Spectre lives in a world where there are a bunch of different “abilities” floating around. There’s a mindreading hottie, a telekinetic bad boy, an amazon-esque muse, and Jillian, who is a seer specializing in romantic readings. She’s in high school and trapped in a love triangle (as one usually is in YA land). As the valedictorian of her senior class, she’s got her future pretty much lined up until her abilities take a scary turn. Suddenly, everything is changing for this spunky teen and it is thoroughly entertaining watching her roll with the punches (or punch back).

If you are even remotely interested in a paranormal read, you should pick this book up. It was a fast paced, action packed, and hilariously fun read (with bonus romance). I read a lot of paranormal romance (really, really a lot), and this one completely stood out from the rest. This author is moving to my favorites list and I’m eagerly anticipating the next installment! Why aren’t you reading this book yet?

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  1. Carrie, thanks for your extremely kind review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! -Nic Tatano

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks for the excellent read!