Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Ball Of Furry (Ridgeville #2)

Ball Of Furry (Ridgeville, #2)Ball Of Furry by Celia Kyle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This author and this set of books is quickly becoming one of my favorite addictive little reads. After stumbling on this author from the Shifter Romance Box Set, I quickly picked up the rest of the series and have it waiting on my kindle.

These stories are like little candies -- full of yummy goodness that is an absolute treat. This story picks up with Carly, who has finally found her mate. Unfortunately, it's a womanizing baby daddy cowboy-type (and a lion), which, while her rabbit is ok with it, she is most definitely not. She spends 6 months hiding from the poor guy only to have a super steamy encounter on the night of the Gaian moon. The hotness factor in these stories is a steamy 10/10. The story gives you a little bit of action, some mystery, and I'm sure it's headed somewhere important.

The romance is really what keeps me coming back for more. I like the mixed shifter romance idea and I like that she makes him work for it. I'll definitely be reading the rest of these little gems. If you're a paranormal smut reader, these are a great set of books to check out.

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