Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Deacon's Star

Deacon's Star (Orion's Order #3)Deacon's Star by M.C. Solaris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These books are gigantic and addictive, so prepare yourself before diving in! As these build on a larger storyline, I'd also recommend starting from book 1 and working your way to here.

This story gives us the HEA we have been chasing for Deacon and Starr. They both have a lot of baggage, but Deacon is willing to do whatever it takes to end up with his Starr, while Starr is convinced that it's not worth trying. Throw these two together in a fight, but have them try to get serious about their relationship and it's the wrong kind of fireworks. So - weren't we done with these two in the last book? Well, a chance encounter catching a bad guy is really all it takes to restart the drama.

In the "background" (this book us huge, so the background stories could each be individual books!) we also get more from all our favorites - the girls being the focus. Aleia has been still struggling with a lot of issues that came from losing Nico and finding her somewhat lost love again. All of these non-romance related stories end up tying back to our larger big bad - the Mastermind. While we don't get full payoff there yet, we do get a nice step in the right direction for Nico's horrible capture in this book. Oh, and couple happiness (always).

So, back to Deacon and Starr - they have a real steep hill to climb in order to establish a solid relationship. There are a lot of bumps in the road, mostly bloody and involving a healer, but there's also the trust building that takes a long time for both of them. OK, maybe Starr takes the longest, but that's to be expected. I especially enjoyed spending time between Starr and the infamous "Whisper." I can't wait to see when she ends up with a mate! This book was long and took me in all sorts of places, but by the end I was ready for even more from this wonderfully build world!

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