Sunday, February 16, 2020

Review: Bad Blood

Bad Blood Bad Blood by Robyn Bachar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Is this my new favorite of the series? I think so!

While this book says it is book #5 in the series, you can really easily read this as a standalone book. In face, the only connections to the larger storyline and familiar characters felt a little forced. I'm eager to see how all this rolls up into the bigger happenings of their world, in the US, at least.

This book is about Nati, a researcher for a paranormal TV show (but not the same ghost hunters we already know). She's in Spain scouting locations, but also trying to learn more about some genealogy. This ends up taking her, on a roundabout way, into a cemetary and smack into the chest of a beautiful man. There's some twists and turns to get there (again) but ultimately we end up with her performing some filmed paranormal investigation on the house that the mysterious Spanish guy lives in.

The Spanish guy, Cris, is obviously hiding all sorts of stuff. Throughout Nati's reluctant investigating, they end up being more than friends and she gets exposed to all sorts of strangeness. We do see a pair of familiar faces, but briefly. This is all on Cris and Nati to solve mostly on their own. We get there, but it takes some doing! Like I said, this book was one of my favorites. You'd especially like it if you like some smutty goodness with your paranormal romance.

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