Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review: Taming Her Mate

Taming Her Mate Taming Her Mate by Kathy Lyons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Somewhere along the lines I missed one of these books, but I think you can catch up relatively quickly, even if you’ve read none of the previous books. They are set in an alm0st-post-apocalyptic city, where a “poison” in the water is making people with latent shifter abilities turn into monsters.

We join Detective Ryan, the only shifter on the force, as he tries to track down the source of the contamination. While hot on the trail of a suspect, he ends up finding some goons transporting the “goo” and winds up shot. Francesca Wolf, one of his longtime admirers, ends up stepping in to secret him away. As the daughter of the pack responsible for the poison, she’s been trying to subvert the pack’s plans while winning support for her claim to the alpha spot. Things are obviously not going well, since she’s now in hiding from her brother with a bear shifter who wants to be her mate.

Things in the city are at inferno levels of tension, only made worse by the political positioning happening in the wolf pack. Bears, wolves, and humans are all fighting invisible enemies both within and without their structures and that leads to some pretty frustrating situations. Oh, and there’s some fated mate romance thrown in just to make Francesca’s life even more complicated. This confusing jumble of personalities somehow finds a HEA in all this mess. These books might be a little grittier than romantic, but are still interestingly different than your usual paranormal read.

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