Monday, May 20, 2019

Review: Enchantress Under Pressure

Enchantress Under Pressure Enchantress Under Pressure by A.C. Spahn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really love this world. All the magical strangeness only makes it more compelling for me. While you can probably start your entrance to the series here, book 1 was amazing, so you should really start from the beginning.

Adrienne has made a deal with the devil, the leader of the Void Union, to keep everyone around her safe. It has the side benefit of giving her access to some sweet medical treatment, and a bunch of commandos ready to protect her (begrudgingly). She’s still shaping magic around her but things are starting to get… weird. She and her friends are sent out almost nightly to put down what used to be randomly occurring ghosts. It seems like a minor nuisance until she spots someone from her past.

Things escalate quickly from there. Adrienne is forced to make some tough choices, most notably focused on whether she wants to run or fight. With her newly formed relationship and her supportive friends and apprentice, this is no longer a simple decision. There is a mess of mistakes, guilt, determination, and love all rolled in to a tough place for Adrienne. Oh, and maybe the end of the world? Is that enough pressure? I couldn’t put this book down, and am completely invested in Adrienne now. This is a wonderful world to lose yourself in, even if there are some tough outcomes to handle.

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