Thursday, May 2, 2019

Review: The Rookie

The Rookie The Rookie by Abigail Owen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 2 in this world and I’m already hooked! You can probably dive right in here, but, as always, I recommend starting from the previous one.

We join back up with this team of firefighting dragons (weird, right? Yet it totally makes sense). They are still determined to keeping humans unaware, keeping everyone safe from rogue dragons, and continuing to work as a tight-knit team. Aiden, the rookie, is eagerly proving himself on the team. He comes from a different background, and probably wouldn’t have gotten this far without the help from some truly phenomenal people.

In the previous story, we met a winery owner, her kid, and the woman who became the first dragon mate with some weirdness going on in her markings (or lack thereof). This time around, we’ve had some time between books, and Aiden is still just as smitten with the winery owner, Sera. They’ve been sharing steamy dreams for a while, but neither acknowledges that they might be something bigger than fantasy.

There is, of course, a twist. The shadowy feeling around the whole mating process was called into question previously, but this time it is very much in your face. Sera and Aiden have even more drama thrown at them when someone forces her dragon sign, almost kills her and her kid, and makes everyone go on the run. There’s a bunch of action, betrayal, and mystery rolled up in this paranormal romance. There’s a happy ending, but everyone has to trust their instincts to get there unscathed.

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