Monday, May 20, 2019

Review: Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic

Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic Maps, Artifacts, and other Arcane Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gah – this book was infinitely frustrating. I spent most of my time wanting to wring Jade’s neck or her enemy’s neck. Either way, I am left feeling like there should have been way more death than there ultimately was. Sadly, also, there was a distinct lack of werewolves in this one.

So, we join Jade as she navigates life sort-of dating a dragon. Yes, there’s still cupcake and chocolate descriptions enough to make you ravenous. Yes, we are still on the hunt for the instruments of assassination. Yes, Jade still has her entourage. So what was this book about? She’s been tasked with finding all three of these mystical killing weapons, so we are on to number 2. Also, remember that crazy girl from the previous book? She gets way worse in this one. I am left wanting to throw things at how bad it gets.

Seems pretty straightforward for a book, right? Well, there is a lot of drama, travel, anger, horrible angry koala girls, and stupid dragons in Jade’s way. I’m actually pretty glad to take a break from Jade in the next book and visit with Rochelle. While I enjoy the bakery and all things chocolate related, I am getting a little tired of everything going wrong for Jade.

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