Friday, January 12, 2018

Review: To Seize a Wayward Spirit

To Seize a Wayward Spirit To Seize a Wayward Spirit by R.L. Naquin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, admittedly I have been kind of spotty about reading this author’s books. I dive in at one point, I get distracted by shiny things, then I dive back in a few books later, etc. This book is no different for me. I missed the first book of the spinoff series here, but ended up picking this one up because I love Kam.

Do you know who Kam is? Even if you don’t, you can probably get along just fine starting from here. Kam is a djinn. She is anything but normal, but is trying to be a relatively normal job-holding citizen of this world. This world, though, is a little quirky itself. There are a bunch of “hidden” that can now roam the world without fear of being found out just by looking at them. These disguises can only be seen through by other hidden with a little squinting and magic. There’s also a whole support system dedicated to the hidden, just like there is for normal humans. Kam’s job is to hunt down some missing souls and recapture them is sweet gems. That’s where it starts, at least.

As usual, things rapidly grow bigger and bigger as time progresses. Kam’s traveling companions (or partners to varying degrees) are a related hitchhiker she picked up probably in the last book, and her ex-arranged-marriage-fiancĂ©-current-crush. There’s drama there, for sure, but not nearly as much as exists in this town’s hidden population. There’s virtually nobody in charge here, which gives Kam and company a great deal of work to do, all in this pretty short book!

To make things even more awesome, the link tying a set of murders together (that they also have to solve) is a cosplay group! This book hit on everything I love about Kam and her amazing character. The author’s writing continues to be witty and brilliant, sucking me in quickly and never letting me go. I really should go back and hit all the books along the way that I missed since I have yet to be let down in any capacity by this world. I can’t wait to see what happens next for our costume-wearing, stranger waving, sightseeing djinn!

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