Monday, January 8, 2018

Review: Fateful Reunion (A Scanguards Novella #11.5)

Fateful Reunion (A Scanguards Novella #11.5) Fateful Reunion (A Scanguards Novella #11.5) by Tina Folsom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I’m mad that poor Roxanne only got a short story instead of a full length book. Her story was one that I was looking forward to in recent books, but didn’t even think it would be tackled in such a short read. That being said, it felt a little… rushed.

Roxanne has a past – we all know that. She’s got some serious attitude toward witches and hasn’t really been seen dating anyone while she’s been present in the background. I knew there was a story behind it, but could never have predicted that it was this. Apparently, while Roxanne was under Silas’s thumb, she was sneaking away to meet up with her lover, Charles.

Charles is a witch who was pretty much a loner. He was ready to help Roxanne fake her death and run away together until his sister gave him a massive responsibility. Unable to turn her away, Roxanne has spent a lot of time thinking that Charles abandoned her. Why didn’t he call? Some stupid martyr reason, of course.

Roxanne starts one chapter hating Charles, but by the end is taking her clothes off for him. I thought it felt really rushed and disjointed. I was, however, very interested in the witch storyline and all the mythology there. Again, I wish this were fleshed out in a full length novel instead of jammed into this story. Maybe we get more in the next book? I hope so.

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