Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: The Fervor: A Sinful Supes Story

The Fervor: A Sinful Supes Story The Fervor: A Sinful Supes Story by Xandrie Kovak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! I grabbed this book off Amazon when it popped up as free, so I had no real expectations. On a whim, I started reading and absolutely could not put this book down! I’m so hooked, that I went right on to read all the other available books in the series (including the mailing list bonus backstory). I wish there were more!

This book gave us a good look at what happens when someone with even the smallest amount of succubus DNA wanders into the world of the full-fledged paranormals. Claire has always tried to be a wallflower but her DNA just cannot stop men from being drawn in her direction. Luckily, her bestie doesn’t appear to mind, as she is able to get a break when Claire is around. Even from the brief glimpse of their friendship, I know I’m going to love these two whenever we get them in the same room. Anyway, Claire hasn’t really looked too deeply into her “draw” until she tests positive for a supernatural heritage in college. This begins her spiral into the world of the “supes.”

Tasked with attending a class specifically for those with supernatural blood in their veins, she can’t even make it to the classroom before bad things start happening. She’s attacked, marked, stalked, and all of that is only from one type of supe. When confronted with so many predators looking at her like prey, her innate defenses get triggered with… sexy consequences. OK, maybe they veer a little rapey but it’s hard not to use “sexy” when Lucas is her unofficial guardian during this escapade. Throw in a bit of smutty goodness, and you’ve got a truly phenomenal start to a new series.

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