Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: Beauty & Beast: A Sinful Supes Story

Beauty & Beast: A Sinful Supes Story Beauty & Beast: A Sinful Supes Story by Xandrie Kovak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you’re starting here, you should really go back and read the series from the beginning (The Fervor). That’s where you’ll meet Claire, Camilla’s bestie, and see how we ended up in this wild and crazy world.

Camilla is the feisty best friend everyone wants. When her friend disappears and is assumed dead after the chaos on college campus, she is completely determined to get her back at any cost. She’s even willing to dress as a hussy to try to seduce a feral fighter with a reputation if it will get her one step closer to her friend. The only problem with her plan is that she finds herself strangely drawn to West, no matter how many times she reminds herself it’s all a game.

West is out for a night to blow off some steam when he sees the mysterious lady in red. Unable to take his eyes off her, he makes her his number one priority. The fact that she’s covered in pheromones helps, too. This romance was adorable and wonderful to watch. Sure, it made it a little more difficult for West to balance his best friend’s missing girl (Claire) with his budding romance, but they somehow make it work. I especially loved Camilla making West work for it. Coming straight from reading the back story book in the series, I appreciated West even more. He definitely deserves his own HEA.

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