Monday, February 5, 2018

Review: Thanks Fur Last Night

Thanks Fur Last Night Thanks Fur Last Night by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I freely admit that I’m usually not a huge fan of anthologies. The benefit I see to them is that they get me outside my author comfort zone and expose me to authors I might never get a chance to read. This book really gave me a great set of 3 books, each with their own quirky and wonderful world. I definitely enjoyed them all, which was kind of a shock. Usually in sets there is at least one weak player, but these were all just… so… good!

Bearing his sin sounds like the title of something serious and sad. Luckily, this was completely not the case. From the first few paragraphs I knew that I love this author. The sarcastic wit, the wonderful banter, and the dark humor all wrapped up into a delicious burrito of awesomeness. I immediately added this author to my “to-read” pile. This book involves a hit man bear shifter, a Russian tough chick, and tons of interesting characters. I loved every second.

Bought by the Bear was slightly less silly and more serious, but still filled with great characters. This story involves Josilyn, a single mom trying to make ends meet when she’s approached with a job pretending to be someone’s mate. Obviously, there is a wonderful romance element but also tons of smutty goodness. There’s even a mystery at work!

The last book, The Alpha and I, takes place in the middle of nowhere, during a bunch of snow storms, where a lone woman rescues the big bad alpha werewolf. These two have some hot, quick, mating and are forced into some battles where they have to fight for their lives. While probably the least quirky of the bunch, it was still fun to read.

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