Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: Wolf Unbound

Wolf Unbound Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read the previous books in this series, I was super excited to see Tegan's book come up. She's always been in the background, but I knew she definitely had more to say.

This book gave an awesome connection between two characters we've met before. While the rest of the pack appears to interact with Ben Stoner, Tegan first meets him when she escapes her solitary life for a visit to a bondage club. This particular club caters to paranormals, but since Ben is already in the know and looking for a new sub, they are paired up almost by accident. The chemistry is super hot and leads to a more solid connection than I think either of them anticipated.

Tegan and Ben's families, of course, are a little bit harder of a sell, particularly since Tegan lost her previous mate and has been mostly solitary since then. These two, however, manage to bring out the best in one another (when their stubbornness is not getting in the way). Oh, and the smut is awesome! Along with the unexpected romance, we also get some progress in the overall storyline. While we don't get a super duper happy ending with all plotlines tied up, we are still definitely making progress (especially for Ben & Tegan). I will happily read as many installments this series puts out!

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