Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: Feversong

Feversong Feversong by Karen Marie Moning
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, I’m really done now, right? These books are always a rollercoaster of emotion, with turns coming out of nowhere and very few “safe” characters. I have to say that the body count was significantly lower than I expected, but I guess since she’s writing more books in this world (WHAT?) she had to keep some familiar faces around.

We join the cast exactly where we left them. Mac is possessed, Jada/Dani just got saved by Mac’s sacrifice, and the world is still going to end. The books are not at all split evenly so things go in a bit of a disjointed path forward. We spend a lot of time dealing with Mac/Book (ha) and trying to get a solution. We spend absolutely no time in smut-land (through the entire book!). And we get some quickie resolution for book 1 which frees up the “gang” to troubleshoot the whole world ending thing. During it all we have the budding romance of Dancer and Dani, the reason for which is because the author hates us (sorry, cynical).

Sure, there are the typical twists and turns along the way with lots of time spent getting introduced to more fae aspects, but not a whole lot gets wrapped up. The author admitted this. Don’t expect to know the fate of pretty much anyone outside the immediate crew. There better be a whole series devoted to the Highlanders just to wrap that mess up. Everyone, in their own way, gets to say goodbye to their loved ones as they all prepare for the end of the world. Some leave the world or prepare to, while the core fighters gear up for the “ultimate showdown,” which was actually pretty relaxed.

We meet or re-meet some characters, seemingly only to watch them die. This frustrates me, but I guess I should expect that in this world. I bet there are 100 different versions of this book in which things take a different turn (and maybe involve some smut?), but we are stuck here. Even the ending gave a kind of “meh” feeling for the survivors. I guess I just… want more? Is that weird? The plot always makes me crazy but I can’t stop coming back. Maybe I’m just looking for closure.

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