Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review: Hard to Handle

Hard to Handle Hard to Handle by Christine Warren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book might have started a little slow, but the pace increases dramatically towards the end! Each of these books has some battle scenes in them, but each time they tend to surprise me in their abruptness.

This story is a little different than the previous gargoyle books. Rather than a male gargoyle being awakened by a female warden, we have a bit of a reverse. Ash is the first female gargoyle and she's fully aware of her unique status. When she is awakened to fight an evil sorcerer, she immediately jumps into action, after which she appears to realize that there wasn't the typical warden awakening associated with her story.

Michael and his sister encounter the gargoyle with varying degrees of skepticism (admittedly on opposite ends of the spectrum). Michael would be happy to just finish his life hiding his magical ability and tending bar at his pub. That is, of course, not what fate has in store for him. They soon realize that he's the intended participant in this plan to fight evil. Oh, and we get some of my favorite familiar faces turning up to help, too!

I still think the previous pair was my favorite, but this book was not without its romance. If you're picking up the story here, I would highly recommend you start from the beginning to get everyone's individual tale. I'm sure you could enjoy this book on its own, but it's much better as a series.

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