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Review: Otherworld Nights

Otherworld Nights
Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a nice collection of short stories set in the Otherworld universe. Overall, they blended together in a way that wasn't as jarring as other short story anthologies I've read. Of course, my favorites were the werewolf stories (as usual), but I also loved some serious Adam time (even if it was filled with lots of drama).

Demonology was a story about how Adam's mother meets his eventual stepfather. It also shows how his mother ended up in the situation where she was unknowingly pregnant with a demon's child. It was nice to see Adam's early life, even if at a brief glance. 4 stars

Stalked is a Clay and Elena story, told from Clay's POV (which was a nice change). While on their honeymoon, a mutt almost spoils their chance at a normal tradition. Lucky for them, neither actually wants to be normal anymore. 4 stars

Hidden was the longest of the stories and centered on Elena and Clay again. The tale involved a really dark big bad, some investigative work, and a difficult decision. It was nice to check in with Clay and Elena again adn learn more about how they both parent. In most of the other books we just get to watch them make calls home and don't actually get to watch them parent. This was a nice change of pace and ultimately led to a choice about when to tell their kids about werewolves. 4 stars

Twilight was a short read that showed a little bit of Cass's softer side. She and Aaron have history and as Cass's life is coming to an end, we learn about how hard it is for her to sustain her existence. 3 stars

Chivalrous tells us all about Reese's past. Remember how we learned that he had a lot of baggage surrounding discussions of home? Well this story tells us exactly how horrible his last memories of home really are. It also shows us why he doesn't really trust himself and his judgement anymore. This one was really tragic. 4 stars

Lucifer's Daughter is a Hope and Karl story that shows them solving a quick demon related problem by honing Hope's skill and mixing it with Karl's brute force. 3 stars

From Russia with Love gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of the pack at a meet in Russia. This is immediately following the events of Thirteen and is a short and mandatory read for all Elena (and Jeremy) fans. 4 stars

Vanishing Act was not at all what I expected. I wanted to read a nice, fun story about Adam and Savannah as they grow into their relationship. Turns out, Adam is just filled with emotional baggage and it takes an intervention from a teleporting demon to make them confront their problems. 4 stars

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