Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Seeress

Seeress by Ednah Walters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was filled with oodles of YA goodness. There was teen angst, controlling boyfriends (and alpha males), smoldering looks, and action action action! I recommend reading these books in order so you get the full impact of the Raine/Torin (and Cora/Echo) story.

Raine and Torin are the sizzling couple we’ve come to expect from previous books. There’s no smutty goodness, but it’s as good as somewhat caste YA gets. Between that, there’s also some pretty unique and engaging story. The pages flew by, filled with Norse mythology and witches brewing up trouble. Raine is still working on becoming the seeress that everyone expects her to be, but when she starts predicting trouble on the horizon, everything changes. Torin ramps it up into crazy overprotective mode while at the same time keeping lots of his past from Raine. We do eventually get lots of information about Torin’s history, but it take a lot of pushing, stress, and outside factors to make that happen.

Cora and Echo remain my new favorite couple. I’m sorry Raine and Torin – I just because completely addicted to them in their book. Luckily, they play key roles in this one and continue to be their awesome selves. I look forward to a lot more from them in the future. There’s also the usual cast of characters, complete with drama and unrepentant attitudes. This gang of misfits has completely grown on me now, too. We even got some new faces thrown into the mix.

Overall, this installment pulled at the heartstrings a bit (Raine’s father plays a big role) but still managed to be the action packed YA read I wanted. There’s no major cliffhanger, but there’s still lots of unanswered questions that will keep me coming back to this series no matter what. I really hope, though, for my own peace of mind, that Raine and Torin find a better balance between their personalities. It was nerve wracking watching them battle over even the littlest of things. Making up was fun, though.

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  1. Torin and Raine don't mind that you switched sides, Carrie. Happy you enjoyed Seeress. If you are on FB tonight, come vote on whether you want to read a series featuring Cora and Echo as she solves soul mysteries, all NA, smutty yes, and help from Raine her best friend.