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Spellcrest Academy – Year Two

Spellcrest Academy – Year Two (Spellcrest Academy #4-6)Spellcrest Academy – Year Two by Michael Pierce
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These books are completely meant to be read this way - in year long chunks, read one right after the other. If I had to stop between these, I’d be mad and would have felt incomplete. That being said, I’m totally sad that I’m caught up! I need more Maeve.

I took a bit of a break between Year 1 and year 2, so when I started and they dove right in - I felt a little lost. That faded quickly, though, and only 2 flights later, I mowed through all the stories contained. The theme of these books is around the secret spellcasting society and how secrets are inevitably the academy’s undoing. Maeve and her friends are all keeping secrets of some sort and end up coming out of book #6 a bit worse for it (some more than others). I don’t want to spoil the whole story arc here, so I’ll give a high level review of the ups and downs.

Maeve starts completely in her element. Is her mom now a teacher? Yes. Is her ex now back on campus? Also, yes. But she was doing OK until another curve ball came her way. That stupid skull ends up setting in motion a lot of good and bad things. We meet Toby - good. We meet vampires - bad. Did I question a lot of Maeve’s decisions (especially with boys)? Yes, god yes. But I managed to overlook it because her friends are awesome and I think they’ll have her back if needed. One thing, that while we wrap up a lot, I felt was left unfinished - the people who grab Maeve and put in motion some truly horrible things don’t seem to get enough punishment in the end. Maybe I’m just bloodthirsty? Either way, this world and all its characters are amazing - can’t wait for more!

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