Sunday, May 15, 2022

Compelling Infinity

Compelling Infinity (Archivist, #2)Compelling Infinity by Meghan Ciana Doidge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm officially addicted to these books - why aren't there more yet?!? I finished this one in 1 day, quickly flipping digital pages to see what happened to Dusk next.

We pick up with Dusk 2 months after we last saw here, effectively managing her first week at work. Now that she's settled in and people have either ignored her inability to pretend to be a witch, or chosen to keep her secret, she's managed to become the archivist she's wanted to be. The only lacking is in the follow-through from Kellan for the sizzling chemistry from book 1. This book continues a nice slow burn, but I need some serious fire between these two! Dusk and Sisu have settled into a nice (but weird) house now, and they have a certain routine. That routine sort of involves things going wrong, so that's to be expected now.

This time the badness is around a bit of brownie, fae, and coercion magic. While the mystery pretty much solves itself and you will most likely guess the culprit right out of the gate, it was great watching Dusk be the best archivist she can be, hunting down and containing things, no matter the cost. She and Sisu are just the best and I was sad to put the book down at the end, knowing I would have to wait to spend more time with them. Even Morgan grew on me in this book!

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