Saturday, January 22, 2022

What the Fang?

What the Fang? (Undead Ever After, #1)What the Fang? by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, I read this book so quickly! It had all the things I love - witches, vampires, smut, and magic! As book#1 for a series, I am surely hooked.

Willa is a witch, but she never grew into her powers. She lost her mother at an early age and never knew her dad. Being raised by her aunt, the leader of her set of witches, she was particularly disappointed when she was shunned upon not showing any signs of magic. She's resigned herself to her new life, even embracing her misfit status by being the only witch running a business in vampire run town. Vampires are "out" in this world, but have segregated themselves by "owning" key towns in the US. They are OK with Willa in one of their towns for the most part, probably only because she hasn't presented any powers so is pretty much human.

The big shift for her happens when she is suddenly attacked and promptly rescued by vampires. Sounds confusing, and it is, but it brings Killian, the warden of her town, into her life. Willa, however, is a force to be reckoned with. She's awesome in just about every way in her handling of the twists and turns of her new life. Oh, and her friends are AWESOME. In fact, all of these characters are amazing.

The big story here, without spoiling anything, is that Willa's life comes with some mysteries. All those mysteries end up coming out in sudden ways, leading her into a whole new future. Killian is the vampire entering her life for the most part, with smutty goodness. I absolutely cannot wait until the next book to see what antics everyone gets up to.

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