Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Werewolves Prefer Shortbread

Werewolves Prefer Shortbread (Christmas Cookies)Werewolves Prefer Shortbread by Dakota Issacs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a super quick read that had everything you need (minus the smut) to make a wonderful Christmas read.

Callum has recently become the guardian for a bunch of young girls. Sounds weird, but when you throw in the fact that they are all shifters, all bound to hide themselves from outsiders, it makes a lot more sense. Unfortunately, to Lily, the woman who had her grandmother evicted from Callum's property upon his arrival, it makes less sense. Their feud begins there, and fireworks start.

Lily is the local baker, known for her awesome cookies and whatnot. She's surprised when the evil-doer, Callum, shows up one day and buys some of her treats. Throw in some further misunderstandings, some attraction, adorable kids, and you have the making for a reluctant romance that spirals out of control. The "out of control" part is really what ends up testing them both. I loved this sweet, short story and would gobble up a dozen!

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