Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic

Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gosh, this book was mentally exhausting! Poor Jade just cannot catch a break. She’s still very much mourning the loss of her sister, even though she is still alive (and very evil), she’s still getting used to the fact that she has found her mysterious father, and, as always, she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders because of some catastrophic vision the dragons shared with her. Throw all this together, and there are just buckets of bad decisions jammed in this one book. Luck for us all, a sexy shifter is still around to be the best person ever.

If you are not familiar with this series, I suggest you start at the beginning. There is just so much going on that I don’t think you will fully appreciate this series unless you go through this rollercoaster of a couple months with them all. Jade has been training with her father and the rest of the big “goods” to be a weapon against her sister. This sister drama is seriously going to kill me. Lucky for us all, it gets resolved in this one. Jade, who disappeared and was not baking for a few months, has a lot to explain to her friends when they meet up again. That drama aside, she’s also got to track her evil sister down and destroy her. Oh, and save her necromancer friend. Not too tall an order, right?

Well, when I got to almost the halfway point and we were deep in battle, I knew things would not go according to plan. There is a lot of learning involved, but I eventually ran out of patience with Jade. Thankfully, she is surrounded by awesomeness that can make up for her shortcomings. I am still completed sold on this series and will rapidly devour it (and the spinoff that I guess is next?). I wish we got more shapeshifter goodness, but I’m optimistic for some dramatic return.

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