Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Review: Provoked

Provoked Provoked by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While I love this world and I am going to keep reading, this one wasn't exactly my favorite. It definitely read a little darker and less romantic than the last few. I guess it was a byproduct of the main character being the self-proclaimed genius.

Kane is the lab geek we have seen as the level-headed brother in previous books. He, of course, has sworn off looking for his mate and is a master at hiding any and all emotions. It generally makes sense, but in practice it was just annoying. As part of their vague strategy to get Jase back (he's been tortured for many years now, yeesh), they are on the hunt for a woman with powers to protect against demons. Kane is sent, for some reason, to collect a suspected such woman, Amber.

Amber knows nothing about his world, much to his surprise. She's never been trained, and her grandmother has protected her from exposure, until her recent injury. Amber and Kane are instant enemies and it only gets harder from there. Luckily (I guess?), she ends up under attack with only Kane to defend her. They are far from a likely pair - she is a vegan pacifist (ugh) and he is a warrior vampire. I found myself more eager to read about what the other characters were up to because Kane was infuriating in his stubborn refusal to even date Amber. Eventually we get there, but this one was a struggle.

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