Thursday, March 14, 2019

Review: Consumed

Consumed Consumed by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jeez, this book has been a long time coming. We’ve known Katie since almost the start of this series and she has finally got her own book! Admittedly, this isn’t really how I expected her story to play out, but it was still very satisfying to get a HEA here.

Katie, as you may or may not know, has been a side character in this series for a while. She’s a shifter who was raised in Jordan’s pack since she was younger, but is 100% in love with him. We’re all pretty sure that he is also 100% in love with her, but in complete denial about it. At first, maybe he thought she was too young, but since her infection with the virus and subsequent loss of her shifting ability, he’s now trying to protect her from a mating that would put her in danger. To make matters worse, he now has a death sentence hanging over his head. Only a few more moons and he’s toast.

As we join these two after a little fast-forward between books, Katie has made a life for herself hunting weres. She’s tough enough, but is willing to throw her whole life up in the air to go with Jordan. With a constant war raging in the background, the progression of the virus looming, and now a brother having been kidnapped (oh, and Katie’s stalker), now is probably the worst time to see a Katie/Jordan romance. Fated mates, however, can’t be denied, and after all this waiting I was so happy to see these two find their muddled way to each other. I’m a little sad that this book ends with more fast forwarding, but I am happy to see where we’re heading!

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