Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Review: Tempted

Tempted Tempted by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m a little obsessive when it comes to reading books in order, so right after finishing Book 2 in the series, I dove into this novella. I don’t really think you need to be as insane as that – this short story can probably be read almost anywhere in the series, as long as you are aware of the virus and the adorable little girl.

We met Max earlier in the series when he was displaying his really horrible luck at cards. His unlikely pairing as a bodyguard to the little girl only makes him that much more loveable. I was so happy to watch him get his little HEA here. As a diversion from his day-to-day babysitting duties, Max was sent to retrieve a gifted woman on the run from the “bad vampires.” She was unfortunately thrown into their world when she witnessed a horrible murder. Even more horrible, her half-brother ended up having her sent to a mental institution and is now threatening to take her company away by declaring her unfit.

Sarah was a teacher until all this craziness happened. Now she is cursing her ability to read the history of items by touching them, which ultimately ended her in this mess of being hunted. Max is an unexpected bright spot in her new world, instantly showing her what she may be able to have after all. Who knew she would find love will on the run from murderous vampires? These two are *great* and I was sad this was only a short story. I could’ve read more of the Max/Sarah show and would especially like to see how his little friend feels about Sarah.

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